Sucker: The Vampire: Yan Birch, Alex ...- หน้ากากแวมไพร์ coronavirus amazon ,Sep 01, 1998·i should say that i do make a hobby of watching b movies, and i don't critique them, tear them apart or put them down, i just very much enjoy many of them-- i'd much rather stick to the soft, dark underbelly of the film industry and the birds can have the flashy big-budget hoo-ray-for-hollywood stuff. to me sucker is just a very sweet movie-- i really like vampire stories, heart-warming ...Watch John Carpenter's Vampires | Prime Video - amazon.comA magnificent take on the Vampire mythology. John Carpenter is without a doubt my favorite director and in true Carpenter fashion he takes an established idea and spins it into a somewhat dark comedy that gives any other bloodsucker film a true run for it's money.

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